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Optimizing Onboarding to Enhance the Member Experience Across the Lifecycle

Successful health plan member experience programs need to start with strong foundations, and it can be easy to overlook that a solid foundation begins with member onboarding. Even before a member begins to utilize a health plan’s services, having convenient and timely access to resources including benefits information will help in better understanding the plan and building trust and loyalty.

As you prepare for the next enrollment period, learn how plans have designed best-in-class onboarding strategies to optimize their members’ experience and engagement rates, and consider how those onboarding tools can be utilized effectively throughout the member’s journey.

- Gain actionable strategies to create a positive member experience that begins with seamless onboarding
- Leverage tools, especially those that are digital, that can be used consistently right from the onboarding phase across the entire member lifecycle to drive engagement
- Establish optimal onboarding flow and processes that improve retention rates and enhance health outcomes
- Understand the importance of providing hassle-free access to information – such as benefits explanation and in-network providers/PCPs – through digital welcome kits